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Note - We strongly recommend that you read the guidance for measuring your lawn area, below.

This is intended for use by customers and staff of Shetland Grasscutting. If you work for a gardening firm who might like to use LawnCalc, email for further details.

Enter the area of your lawn in square metres

Guidance for measuring your lawn.

Sketch plan of garden showing how to calculate m2 area
Very small. Less than 80m2
Photo of very small lawn
E.g., an area of lawn 5 strides wide, by 10 strides long, = 50m2.
Small. 80 - 175m2
Photo of small lawn
10 strides wide, by 15 strides long, = 150m2.
Medium. 175 - 400m2
Photo of medium lawn
15m x 20m = 300m2.
Large. 400 - 900m2
Photo of large lawn
20m x 30m = 600m2.
Very large. 900 - 2,000m2
Photo of very large lawn
30m x 40m = 1,200m2.
Huge! Over 2,000m2.
Photo of huge lawn
40m x 60m = 2,400m2.